Mark & Shaney at the Samoset

If you saw yesterday’s post, you might have caught this treat – we had two weddings on Memorial Day weekend, and they were both at the Samoset!  Sunday’s wedding was with Mark and Shaney.  We had worked with them both last fall on a Romantic shoot, so we knew how much fun they were, and had a pretty good idea that getting them to laugh and enjoy themselves wouldn’t be a problem.  Of course, we didn’t know how much fun their families were going to be…

A great wedding – the Tony Boffa band (they’re always terrific!), cocktails outside and a plated dinner in the ballroom – everything was in place for an incredible night, and Mark and Shaney’s wedding certainly lived up to it.

Here are a few of my favorites.  I’ll have the rest of the images up in a week or so, and will add the link to this post.  Thanks for looking – Will



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